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Our Skill Set

IT Application & Support 90%
Wordpress Websites & CSS 70%
Digital Training & Marketing 85%
BlueBeam Product 60%
Vienna Advantage ERP 90%
ECD Platform for South Africa 100%

Why Us ?

  • Passion for bringing best of technology to Africa

  • Top class technical advisory ability

  • Belief in ” Go Paperless” & save the environment

  • Certified digital master for Digital Media Training

  • A top of class ERP System implementation & support advisory

Vindhya Systems was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 2005. In the initial phase, we focused on building market relationships through our IT professional services business. The year 2010 was a turning point for Vindhya Systems. We started our products implementation and support division with a focus on bringing smart IT products for the local industry.

Since 2015, we have also focussed on the in-house product development facilities with one of our products already changing the ground rules.

Sujata Singh is the founder of Vindhya Systems. She has had a long career in the Information Systems & Management business. An eternal traveler and adventurer to the core, Sujata has walked the road rarely taken.

It is the story of incredible adventure &  business success in an entirely alien land of South Africa.

For her, the life of gratitude in the backdrop of wilderness, blue skies, and vast nature has gifted the heightened awareness; she is eternally indebted to South Africa.

Sujata spends her time writing and being curious about technology.

The technology has broken the world borders and we believe it is the best thing that happened to Africa.

At Vindhya Systems we are passionate about making African businesses technologically savvy.  Our research team is constantly looking to pick relevant products that will bring ease, economics, and relevance to small, medium and government organizations in Africa.

We are truly on a mission to take the  “Take Africa on Tech Road”

We develop and introduce industry specific products that are used worldwide. We customize these products for Africa and then our technical team customizes the same for you.

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